JINEN Butoh 4 months school in Italy '19 DEC - '20 MAR

JINEN Butoh 4 months school with Atsushi Takenouchi 
2019 December  – 2020 March 
Monthly 10days Butoh course
with residency in Toscana at Majnoni Baldovinetti Farm(Marti/Pontedera /Italy)

Butoh: Atsushi Takenouchi , Accompanied by live music Hiroko Komiya, 
Assistant: Maruska Ronchi
photo by JINEN Butoh school 

<Course Date>
2019 Dec 7-18  ( 7 Sat arrival, 18 Wed departure, *12 Thu day off )
2020 Jan 4-15   ( 4 Sat arrival, 15 Wed departure, * 9 Thu day off )
2020 Feb 8-19  ( 8 Sat arrival, 19 Wed departure, * 13 Thu day off )
2020 Mar 7-18  ( 7 Sat arrival, 18 Wed departure, * 12 Thu day off )

Time and term : 7-8hours/day, 10days course per month
*There will be also night session day. Depend on schedule, time will be flexible.
Minimum numbers : 10person, Maximum number : 17persons
(***After 17 reservations will be on waiting list.)
*Since limited numbers , we recommend early reservation.


   Dance with JINEN,
 dance with all life which has been born from the universe.

Where do we really come from?
Long ago, at the time of the big bang, it seems that all forms of life composed on single and unique entity. If this is the case, hundred of millions of years have now passed, during which our respective lives have branched into different directions.
In the same way that a tree spreads into branches, the galaxy and stars have detached themselves from the trunk of the universe. The planets and Earth split off from the solar system. Furthermore, the earth, the sky and the sea have also branched and after this, plants and animals have subdivided. People, just like me, are also part of this ramification. And even variety of goods, variety of relics that human have made in the history, still more creative products from a machine civilization now are also part of this ramification. Nature and animals, people, artifacts and gods,  such as all of life equally lies ahead of this branches.
If those hundreds of millions of years have really built our body, then surely, somewhere inside of us, we should have kept a memory of when we were universe and stars, of when we were earth, of when we were stone and river, and mountain and wind and fire. And also we should have kept a memory of when we were flowers, trees, animals. Furthermore we should have kept a memory of living in relics, of living with gods mythology, of believing wings as extension of body to fly to the sky.
Open the door of these memories and let's try and dance, transformed into those sun and moon, into those four elements, into those various life and various gods. Let’s dance with memory of various relics, various machines.
Those all born from the universe was life equally. And they were called “JINEN” in ancient Japan.
Let’s dance together with all this JINEN.
Through dance, let's remember that our body was at one with Earth and the universe.
Furthermore, if the leaf that I am, coming from this branched universe, could feel, even just a little, the weight of those billions of years, then I will realize that, far from being just some simple little organisms, I myself, just like others, form the tree trunk constituting the beginning of the universe.
You are the star, you are the earth,
You are the wind, you are the river, you are the stone and fire,
You are the seed of the machine,  you are the relics, you are the myth of gods.
You are also the animal, imaginational creature.
You are the sprouting trees, shining glower.
You are all….
Through dance, the borders separating us from all those will progressively fade away. Life, under multiple shapes, is then linked to everything, and represents a dancing presence.
In the time of 6months let’s dance with all those JINEN as far as possible.


* Time : 9:00(10:00)-19:00(20:00) including lunch break, 7-8hours/day, 10days course per month.
  - There will be also night session day. Depend on schedule, time will be flexible.

* Course language : English

* Course and residency at : seminar house located in Toscana in country side.
  - Every month  one weekend, class will be hold at Spazio NU in Pontedera.

Arrival appointment : meeting appointment at 13pm at Spazio NU (Pontedera) on arrival day.
   - If necessary, you can arrive one day before at Spazio NU. Please contact to us in advance.

Departure time : From Majnoni Baldovinetti Farm,we transfer to Pontedera station at 13pm.

*Practice 10days & 1day off , plus departure day.  In total you need 12days.

* Every month 1 weekend, class will be hold together with monthly weekend Butoh course participants at Spazio NU.

Every month on final day, each participants make presentation in studio, open air, site specific, etc.

* Final month Butoh event: solo Butoh and group performance creation. The last 5 days presentation performance of all participants. And solo Butoh Atsushi Takenouchi and guest dancers.


Requirement : This Butoh course is for dancers, actors, performers, person who makes training physical  expression. Desirable to have joined JINEN Butoh workshop already. Or Butoh workshop experience, or physical training experience.     

1. Please contact us butoh.spazionu@gmail.com  to ask practical information and register form.
2. Send registering course deposit by bank, and email us payment receipt. Then, fill in the register form (2pages) , send back to butoh.spazionu@gmail.com   Registration will be confirmed after this.  
3. For the rest payment, please read practical info payment method, and follow it. 

*The priority is whole 4 month course register. But please contact also for 2 or 1 month register.
***Early Bird reduction; There is early bird reduction. Please read on the practical information!


Accommodation: Majnoni Baldovinetti Farm seminar house. (dormitory with bath/shower/WC, kitchen, living room, wi-fi, terrace and garden with trees near olive forest. It is located in beautiful country landscape. 

Board; Mostly by professional cook, the rest part is collective cooking together. Essentially vegetarian cooking using local fresh products of Toscana. Meals are from arrival day dinner till departure breakfast ( including day off meals).

Access :  Nearest airport; Pisa Airport 30 km, Florence airport 40 km. The nearest train station Montopoli is 8km away. And also from Pontedera station, 15 minutes by car. There is free parking.

*On the first arrival & practice day, we all get together at Spazio NU. Second day after practice and dinner, we depart together to  Majnoni Baldovinetti Farm seminar house . 

Majnoni Baldovinetti Farm ; Via Mazzana n.1, Marti  56020 Montopoli in Val D’Arno  Pisa, Italy

<Contact & Booking > 

 address : via Firenze  42/A – 56025 Pontedera (PI) Italy 

Atsushi official HP link >>>


2019春 日本ツアー / 東京 北海道 京都 Jinen Butoh Japan Tour April 

2019春‐竹之内淳志じねん舞踏-東京、北海道、京都 公演&ワークショップツアーの案内 -English below-


- 上記の文の続きは、この公演案内メールの最後に掲載 


2019年 4月 竹之内淳志じねん舞踏 日本ツアースケジュール - 東京、北海道、京都
April 2019 - JINEN Butoh Tour in Japan - Tokyo, Sapporo, Kyoto

東京-Tokyo - 両国シアターXカイ Theatre X(Cai)
予約-Reservation  http://www.theaterx.jp/

4月13日(土) 11:00-19:00 じねん舞踏ワークショップ「生命の四季」:両国シアターXカイ
講師:竹之内淳志 音楽:小宮広子 ( パーカッション、チテラ、ヴォイス) 参加費:3,000円 *本メール後半にワークショップ文章掲載
13 April  11:00-19:00 Jinen Butoh workshop "Four Seasons of Life" instructor:Atsushi Takenouchi music:Hiroko Komiya
Participation:3,000yen  at Theatre X(Cai) / Tokyo

4月14日 16:00 竹之内淳志じねん舞踏ソロ公演『生と死の抱擁』両国シアターXカイ
舞踏:竹之内淳志 音楽:小宮広子  料金:1,000円 (全席自由)
14 April 2019 16:00 The performance of Butoh dance "Embrace" of Atsushi Takenouchi and Hiroko Komiya
Butoh : Atsushi Takenouchi music : Hiroko Komiya ( object sounds, percussion, voice )  Price:1,000yen at Theatre X(Cai)

東京/両国 シアターXカイ
東京都墨田区両国2-10-14 両国シティコア内
TEL:03-5624-1181, Eメール:info@theaterx.jp

Theater X(Cai) Tokyo 
Address: 2-10-14 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
contact: 03-5624-1181,   info@theaterx.jp
Access:  http://www.theaterx.jp/access.php
Web:  http://www.theaterx.jp/


photo by Tomohisa Saito

札幌-Sapporo - 北海道舞踏フェスティバル-Hokkaido Butoh Festival 2019
インフォ&予約 / Info&Reservation: http://sapporo-butoh.com/
インフォ/ info:  https://www.facebook.com/hokkaidobutohfestival/

4月19日(金) 竹之内淳志じねん舞踏ソロ公演『生と死の抱擁』音楽:小宮広子
                    田仲 ハル & アルゴリズム(ファッションブランド)舞踏公演
時間:19:15~  料金:予約2,500円 25歳未満2,000円 当日は500円増し
会場:ターミナルプラザことにPATOS(札幌市西区琴似1条4丁目 地下鉄東西線琴似駅B2F)
Sapporo 19(Fri) April 2019 start 19:15~  ●Butoh performance 
-Atsushi Takenouchi Solo Jinen butoh -EMBRACE-
-Hal Tanaka & algorithm(fashion brand) Butoh  performance
Performer:Atsushi Takenouchi, Hiroko Komiya (music;object sounds, percussion, voice ), Hal Tanaka & algorithm(fashion brand)
Price : adv/2,500yen U25/2,000yen door/+500yen
Place : Terminal Plaza Kotoni PATOS(Sapporo subway Kotoni station B2F)

4月20日(土)19:15~ 舞踏BAR  司会:森嶋 拓 パネリスト:竹之内 淳志、田仲 ハル 実演:極北会
料金:予約2,000円 19日公演観覧者1,500円 25歳未満1,000円 当日は500円増し
会場:CONTE-SAPPORO Dance Center(札幌市西区 琴似1条4丁目2-15 ニシムラビル4F)
20(Sat) April 2019   Butoh talk and Butoh bar 19:15~  ●Butoh BAR
moderator:Hiroshi Morishima panelist:Atsushi Takenouchi, Hal Tanaka Performer:Kyokuhokukai
Price : adv/2,000yen 4/19 ticket holder/1,500yen   U25/1,000yen door/+500yen
Place : CONTE-SAPPORO Dance Center(Nisimura Bld.4F, 4-2-15, Kotoni 1-jo, Nishi-ku Sapporo)

講師:竹之内 淳志 13:00-18:00  音楽:小宮広子 ( パーカッション、チテラ、ヴォイス)
 料金:予約3,000円 19日公演観覧者2,500円 25歳未満2,000円 定員15名
会場:CONTE-SAPPORO Dance Center(札幌市西区 琴似1条4丁目2-15 ニシムラビル4F)
21(Sun) April , 13:00~18:00   Butoh Workshop "Four Seasons of Life"
instructor:Atsushi Takenouchi music:Hiroko Komiya
Price : adv/3,000yen 4/19 ticket holder/2,500yen   U25/2,000yen max15people
Place : CONTE-SAPPORO Dance Center(Nisimura Bld.4F, 4-2-15, Kotoni 1-jo, Nishi-ku Sapporo)

北海道余市-Yoichi/Hokkaido-  北海道舞踏フェスティバル-Hokkaido Butoh Fes
インフォ&予約/ info&reservation:  http://sapporo-butoh.com/
インフォ/info:  https://www.facebook.com/hokkaidobutohfestival/

4月23日(火) 竹之内淳志じねん舞踏ソロ 音楽:小宮広子 
                  田仲 ハル&アルゴリズム(ファッションブランド)舞踏公演
出演:竹之内 淳志&小宮 広子 、田仲 ハル&アルゴリズム(ファッションブランド)、吉田成道
料金:予約2,500円 25歳未満2,000円 当日は500円増し  会場:茶話あだち(余市郡余市町沢町118)
Yoichi/Hokkaido-    23(Tue)April  19:15~ Butoh Performance
Atsushi Takenouchi solo Jinen Butoh performance , Hal Tanaka & algorithm(fashion brand) Butoh Performance
Performer:Atsushi Takenouchi & music Hiroko Komiya,  Hal Tanaka & algorithm(fashion brand) & music Yusuke Yoshida
Price : adv/2,000yen U25/1,500yen door/+500yen
Place : Sawa Adachi(118, Sawamachi, Yoichi-cho Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido)

photo by Georges Karam

4月27日土曜  竹之内淳志 じねん舞踏公演『生と死の抱擁』 
場所:スペースALS-D(京都西陣) 開場:17時 開演:17時半, stat 17:30
進行・露払いの舞 由良部正美
舞踏, 演出、振り付け :  竹之内 淳志,
ライヴ音楽: 小宮 広子  ( パーカッション、チテラ、ヴォイス)
予約2500円 当日3000円
★予約:alsdyurabe@gmail.com (由良部 ※定員30人達し次第、受付終了します為、事前予約が必要です。
問い合わせ-Info: 090-5155−3543 alsdyurabe@gmail.com (由良部-Yurabe)

Kyoto  27 April 2019 solo Butoh performance "Embrace" of Atsushi Takenouchi
performer:Atsushi Takenouchi, music by Hiroko Komiya, Short introduction dance: Masami Yurabe
at : Space ALS-D (38-23 Murasakino Minamifunaokachō, Kita-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 603-8225 )
★Reservation: alsdyurabe@gmail.com  *Advance reservation is necessary, since maximum 30 seats.

603-8225 京都市北区紫野南舟岡町38-23
●Space ALS-D Kyoto:
<address> 38-23 Murasakino Minamifunaokachō, Kita-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 603-8225
<access> Kyoto city bus: 6,46,58,206
               bus stop : Senbon kuramaguchi , 5-8 minutes walk from bus stop

音楽:小宮広子(石、水、竹、金属、パーカッション、声) その場の空気、空間、踊る身体から感じる直感やイメージをメロディやリズムにとらわれることなく即興の音に表現する。1999年よりじねん舞踏の音楽を担当。その後も公演、ワークショップにてヨーロッパをベースに活動を展開。ジャンルを超えて即興音楽ライブも行い、映像、インスタレーション、詩の朗読、美術家などとのコラボレーションも行う。
2009 年にソロアルバム「Eau Nouvelle -新しい水-」をフランスでリリース。コラボレーションでは、現代音楽家のラムンショー・マッタのCD「matta」、実験音楽バンドのレナ・サーカスとのCD「時の在処」等をリリース。2011 年、東京、パリ、ポーランド4 都市にて音楽家 長屋和哉とのコラボレーションコンサート。2016年ソロアルバム「Pendulum Sea」をイタリアトスカーナでリリース。2018年「名の無い島」にてフリージャズトランぺッター沖至と共演-パリ。

62年三重県生まれ。80年に“北方舞踏派”に入門、『鷹ざしき』で舞踏の創始者 土方巽に振付を受ける。
86年「じねん」というコンセプトでソロ活動を始める。96~99年、日本の様々な土地風土、人や音楽を感じ即興舞踏にする吟遊舞踏『じねん』ツアーにて日本全国600箇所で公演。この間に大野一雄・慶人の宇宙観に触れ師事。99~00年、じねん 舞踏『太陽と月』にてヨーロッパ・アジア12ヶ国を巡り、自然や歴史的な場にて公演、映像を記録。2002年よりヨーロッパを拠点に活動,様々な国で舞踏公演とワークショップを行う。2003年ポーランド8都市ツアー。2005年アヴィニヨンオフフェス、公演と陰陽舞踏行列 。 2007年NY舞踏フェス。 2007年南イギリス、インサイドアウトサイドフェスにてアートグループRED EARTH とハンブルドン丘遺跡公演。2008年、演劇の巨匠グロトフスキーの活動したピッコロテアトロ劇場にて夏4週間舞踏合宿、スパチオNU主催-イタリアポンテデーラ市。 2009年南米ツアー。 2011年ギリシャ、アテネ古代演劇フェス、古代円形劇場にてギリシャ神話と舞踏の公演の振付演出、出演。2012年震災追悼東北巡礼8ケ所ツアー、ツアー最終公演は大野一雄舞踏研究所。 2013年舞踏群舞公演「走馬灯」演出擦り付け、出演、ポーランドポズナン市。2013年国際実験演劇祭アルゼンチン/ブエノスアイレス。 2014年詩人アルテュールランボーに捧ぐ舞踏公演「身一つ」東京、ポーランド4都市、パリ。 2014年イタリアナポリ国際デザインフェスにて舞踏公演演出振付、出演、オスカーシュレンマー最後の弟子の衣装デザイナー、ソニア ビアッキの衣装で踊る。2015年eX..it! Butohフェスにて舞踏家 和栗由紀夫、中嶋夏、リゾームリーと共に、群舞振付演出、出演。 2017年メキシコ南米国際舞踏フェスにて、ソロ公演及び、メキシコ革命記念塔広場、「リバース」群舞演出、出演。2018年NY、サンフランシスコ、米ツアー。ポーランド4都市ツアー。アテネ、バルセロナ、パリツアー。安部公房原作「砂の女」をローマのアーティストと共に舞踏作品化、上演。
2014年アラスカ氷河等でのダンスフィルム『Ridden by Nature』に主演舞踏家として参加、ニューヨーク、ニース、ヴェニス、AVIFF カンヌ国際フィルムフェス、等様々な国の36のフィルムフェスでアワードを受賞。 他、フィルム、ミュージックビデオ、アーティスト共同制作公演など多数。
JINEN舞踏 Atsushi Takenouchi : www.jinen-butoh.com

photo by Piotr Nykowski - Pozaokiem










photo by Georges Karam


春-芽吹き、花。夏-強い日差し、雷雨。 秋-枯れ、実り。冬-氷結、死。といったイメージが湧く。
春- それは死を生に変容させる、大切な生命の転換点だろう。冬からの贈り物によって、たくさんの植物が成長し花を開く。昨年の秋に枯れた花々や草が、冬に滋養のある土に戻る。それらの土がこの春、草花に、命の贈り物をする。
夏- 夏の太陽とは、二つの顔を持つものである。一つの顔は、その強いエネルギーが思い存分に植物達を成長させる。もう一方の顔は、時に夏の太陽の持つ強すぎる力で、それら草花を枯らし、生命を失わせる。
秋- たとえ花がその力を失い枯れ始めても、その内に美が静かに潜んでいる。その美とは如何なる美なのであろうか?それは次の世代に種を引き継ぐための、死を厭わぬ生命の努力の為せる、至福の犠牲の美なのだろう。
冬- この季節は死を象徴するものである。死した草花が滋養のある土に帰る。では、草花の精霊は何処に行くのだろうか、それらの精霊もまた春への贈り物なのであろうか。




photo by Studio Valos



またこの契機が、過去踊らさせて頂いた、神戸大震災、ポーランド アウシュビッツの強制収容所ビルケナウ、カンボジアのポルポト軍の大規模虐殺キリングフィールドでの追悼の踊り、レバノンのパレスチナキャンプでの爆撃を恐れるスラムの中の幼稚園児とのワークショップや追悼踊り等、僕がじねん舞踏として再出発し踊って来たここ二十五年の舞踏の記憶を如何に愛として祈りとして浄化して行けるかを問う、今後も続く長い道のりのテーマの作品の一つになった事に感謝します。


また、北海道舞踏フェスティバルに深く関わっている、舞踏家 田仲ハルさんは1980年に北海道小樽の北方舞踏派で踊っていた頃の舞踏団の朋友です。1996年から3年連続で吟遊舞踏『じねん』ツアー日本全国600箇所公演の時小樽に呼んで頂いて以来20年振りの再会に、またプロデューサーの森嶋さん両氏に感謝します。
京都では、舞踏家由良部正美さんに企画して頂いています。40年近く前の北方舞踏派時代にお会いして以来、私が関西で住むことになって以来、時には共に踊らさせて頂き、長きに渡って尊敬する先輩舞踏家として、また友人としてお世話になっています。 公演をするスペースALS-Dは、神経難病ALS(筋萎縮性側索硬化症)患者の甲谷匡賛の住居に併設されたスペースで、由良部正美さんの稽古場としても使われています。帰国する度に此処で何回も此処で踊らせて頂いています。由良部さん甲谷さん両氏に感謝します。

竹之内淳志 小宮広子

Globe JINEN Atsushi Takenouchi
contact & music : Hiroko Komiya
E-mail : Jinenco@gmail.com
blog: http://jinen-butoh.blogspot.com/


Newsletter; soon Venice & Japan tour & Summer Workshop; 190216


Here we announce our up coming 2days workshop in Venice "Inside and Outside" on 23 & 24 Feb. It will be hold at C.T.R. Venezia, where we worked with the director and costume designer Sonia Biacchi. We appreciate to come back to Venice again!
"Inside and Outside" - Where is my Inside, where is my Outside? Your outside is also your part of body, Because You are part of Universe. Create into Butoh with the sense of space, the consciousness to exterior and the internal sense of life phenomenon. To dissolve the wall between inside and outside of the self of here and now, “Soul dresses the Body, dresses the Space and the Landscape”.

In the below we send our up dated schedule including our Japan tour in April. Thank you very much for reading. See you very soon. with respects,  Hiroko and Atsushi  www.jinen-butoh.com

next workshop

"Inside and Outside"
2days Butoh workshop in Venice 
 Atsushi Takenouchi
accompanied by live music di Hiroko Komiya

Sat-Sun 23 & 24 February 2019  

costume by Sonia Biacchi, Photo by Akiko Miyake

Sat11.00-18.00, Sun11.00-19.00
at C.T.R. Centro Teatrale di Ricerca / Venezia

<book & Info> 

tel. 0039 3407184855 – zuway@hotmail.com

* * *

ph by Jordi Lagoutte

ph by Cordula


Summer Intensive in Toscana
Thu11th - Sat 27th July 2019
- 17 days workshop

JINEN Butoh school in Toscana
Dec 2018 – Mar 2019  Monthly 10 days/2days  4 months School
Intensive 10days/month>>>http://www.jinen-butoh.com/more_info/ws1812_2018Dec-Mar%204months%2010days%20Butoh.html
date; 2018 Dec 8-19,  2019 Jan 4-15, Feb 2-13,  Mar 2-13

Weekend 2days/months>>>http://www.jinen-butoh.com/more_info/ws1812_2019%20Nu%202days%20monthly%20Butoh%20course.html
date; 2018 Dec 8-9,  2019 Jan 4-5-6,  Feb 2-3, Mar 2-3
<Contact>   butoh.spazionu@gmail.com

up coming Schedule  

Feb 23-24,2019 - 2days JINEN Butoh winter workshop "Inside and Outside"/ Venice
accompanied by live music Hiroko Komiya
Sat11.00-18.00, Sun11.00-19.00
at C.T.R. Centro Teatrale di Ricerca / Venezia
<book & Info> 

tel. 0039 3407184855 – zuway@hotmail.com

Mar 2-13,2019 - JINEN Butoh shool in Toscana final month
Mar2.  Solo Performance by Tebby W.T.RAMASIKE, and Butoh Jam at Spazio NU
*Until 13Mar, photo exhibition " Kodama. Kappa. Kami " by Mirjamo with closing event.

April 13-27,2019 - JINEN Butoh Tour in Japan - Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyoto
more info (Japanese) >>> http://www.jinen-butoh.com/schedule.html
more info (facebook) >>> https://www.facebook.com/events/2306558319581242/
13 April 2019 Butoh workshop at Theater X (CAI) / Tokyo
14 April 2019 Atsushi Takenouchi solo Butoh performance at Theater X (CAI) / Tokyo
19 April 2019 solo Butoh performance in Sapporo ( Hokkaido Butoh Festival 2019)
20 April 2019 Butoh talk and Butoh bar ( Butoh festival )
21 April 2019 Butoh workshop in Sapporo  ( Butoh festival )
23 April 2019 solo Butoh performance in Yoichi near Otaru, Hokkaido
<Kyoto >
27 April 2019 solo Butoh performance at ALS-D
*more info coming soon

Jun 5-9,2019 - 5days natureside residency workshop in South Italy/ Puglia
accommodation; at traditional south Italian Trullo, stone dorm, cave room, bungalow, camping in pine forest
info@casinasettarte.org, www.casinasettarte.org
Casina Settarte - Contrada La Chiusa, 72017 Ostuni, Apuglia, Italia

July 11-27,2019 - 17days intensive summer workshop /Toscana Italy
7days in studio & 10days wild camping on 1,200m high mountain in Toscana

The first week 5days studio workshop and 2days site specific performance in countryside and Pontedera, then second week move to moutain side and start Butoh camp, dancing with forest, mountain, lake, river, sunrise, moon, fire, rain, flower, star and more.
<contact> butoh.spazionu@gmail.com
SPAZIO NU - DANCE & MOVEMENT, www.spazionu.com
Pontedera (PI) Italy

Sep 1-7,2019 -7days nature side residency workshop in the Swiss mountain / Kiental, Swiss
" The eternal transformation of life "

*Kientalerhof is located in beautiful nature, and it's a place for learning physical method, creative course and meditation.
<info and booking >  https://www.kientalerhof.ch/cms/seminardetails/?sid=47ae6089-a2ca-4f53-9f24-c8d097b019fc#english
< contact >
Kientalerhof - Griesalpstrasse 44,  CH-3723 Kiental  Schweiz Switzerland,   Tel: +41 33 676 26 76

Aug 5-18,2019 - eX...it! '19 festival in Germany at Schloss Broellin
- eX...it!'19 - international dance exchange and performance project on Butoh and contemporary dance!
5 full days of training, plus performance research and 2 days site specific performing.
<info&booking > http://www.exit.broellin.de/eX19/e-home.html


CD info

"Pendulum Sea"  by hiroko komiya and atsushi takenouchi (  Label SBENG! Dischi, Italy 2017)
This album is filled with the layers of  recordings including field recordings.  Direction by Atsushi. 
Produced, engineered, mixed, mastering by Nicola Barghi at Elfland Studio , Ponsacco(PI), Italy
Degital release 2017Mar1st>>> iTunes, Amazon, and more
iTunes>>> https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/pendulum-sea/id1199872548

Butoh video

“ Hana no Inochi – Life of flower ” (2016 Paris) >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2VeGiwm4gk
JINEN Butoh solo improvisation edited 12 minutes
Butoh: Atsushi Takenouchi
music: Hiroko Komiya (voice, object sound), Nicolas Moulin (guitar, harp)
Light : Margot Olliveaux
Image: Georges Karam/Artrace
at Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree ( Paris)

-Homage to Arthur Rimbaud- (2010 Paris)>>> https://vimeo.com/72054220
Atsushi Takenouchi (Butoh)
Hiroko Komiya ( voice, object sound), Antoine Letellier (guitar,wind instruments), Andre Sarfati and Mariette Barret ( text )
Michel Tabet (Image)
at Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree ( Paris)

"Thousands of drops, thousands of flowers"  (2011 Paris )>>> https://vimeo.com/71155397
Atsushi Takenouchi ( Butoh )
Hiroko Komiya (voice, object sounds, percussion)
Margot Olliveaux (light)
Michel Tabet (Image)
at Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree(Paris)

Butoh performance in collaboration with costume designer Sonia Biacchi-
“ Vita e Morte e Fiori  ”  ( creation 2014 /Napoli )
>>> http://www.artribune.com/2014/10/atsushi-takenochi-a-napoli-coreografia-per-corpo-suono-e-abiti-scultura/
Festival Internazionale Design 2014 in Napoli
Choreography& Butoh by Atsushi Takenouchi, live music by Hiroko Komiya,
Concept and Costume; Sonia Biacchi ( director of  c.t.r. Venezia)
production by C.T.R. Centro Teatrale di Ricerca di Venezia 

"Bû" (France/2012)  >>>  http://vimeo.com/51205131
-official selection Dance on Camera film festival 2013-
Exploring the universe of Jinen Butoh dance, this is shot following an ethno-experimental approach focused on Atsushi Takenouchi's moving body in space.
Dance : Atsushi Takenouchi
Video : Michel Tabet
Sound : Stephane Rives & Hiroko Komiya
Mastering : Tuneforks Studio
Production and photos : Georges Karam - Artrace

"Cedre" (2008 Lebanon )  >>> https://vimeo.com/71694689
at cedar trees forest in Lebanon 
Michel Tabet(Image)

"Guilotine"  ( 2006 Paris )  >>> https://vimeo.com/72054121
solo JINEN Butoh improvisation
Atsushi Takenouchi (Butoh)
Sharif Sehnaoui(electric guitar), Christine Sehnaoui ( saxophone), Hiroko Komiya ( stone, shell, voice)
Michel Tabet(Image)
Georges Karam/Artrace ( Production)
at La Guillotine(Paris)

"TENMON" (2003 Paris) >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb5ezg-aGJI
Butoh:Atsushi Takenouchi
music:Hiroko Komiya, Kensuke Mela
lighting plan: Yukari Takemura
lighting : Margot Olliveaux
at Theatre du Lierre

film& video

“Silken”  (2008/ France / 10’50)  >>> https://vimeo.com/171070668
-Received Paris film award and  more than 15 film selections by Tabor, Sarajevo, Seoul, Montreal, Vilnius, Stockholm, Istanbul...
-French film with experimental animation effect. Inside the protective warmth of his mother’s womb, a man experiences everyday life as eternal bliss. Inner body world and external extreme world cross each other with explosive music by Benjamin Holst and voice by Hiroko Komiya.

Directed by Yann Bertrand, Damien Serban
Cast:  Atsushi Takenouchi
Musique : Benjamin Holst,  Voice: Hiroko Komiya
Autour de Minuit Présente
Producer:   Nicolas Schmerkin
Direct of photography:   Alexandre Ionesco
Animation and special effect:  Absinthe Studio, Autour de Minuit
Production: Autour de Minuit
In coproduction with ARCADI
With participation of ARTE France
With participation of Centre National de la Cinematograph

"ANDINA” (2018 UK,  5’25)>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRzFLcB3UoM
-ANDINA has been nominated for the Best Music Video Award at 2018 British Urban Film Festival.
-Music film documenting a once in a lifetime performance by the Butoh Dancer and Artist Atsushi Takenouchi, and showcasing the debut release of the musician STAY LO in collaboration with Photographer& Film Maker Rob Baker Ashton. ANDINA is the debut release by STAY LO, and comes from a collection of songs inspired by the artists environment of East London.Using synthesisers, self recorded sounds and ambience, along side samples influenced by neighbourhood clubs, STAY LO uses their environment to help create their incredibly atmospheric music.

Director: Rob Baker Ashton
Producer: Claire Ashton-Garvey,  Rob Baker Ashton
DOP: Tom Wade
Assist: Joshua Bloomer
Editor: Stephen Haren
Colourist: Jax Harney at Cheat
Assist to Atsushi: Hiroko Komiya
Special Thanks Marie-Gabrielle Rotie
ANDINA is a partnership production by I.C.Y Audio Visual and Bakerville Productions

"RIDDEN BY NATURE"  (2014/Kiah Keya, NY)>>>   trailer  https://vimeo.com/122981240
-Martinique International Film Festival 2015, Snake Award 'best of the fest' / Seadance Film Festival January edition 2016 Winner / Best Experimental Feature Top Indie Film Awards 2016 Winner/Polish International Film Festival 2016 Best Experimental Film award/ Amarcord Chicago Arthouse TV&Video Festival 2015-2016 Winner/ New York International Film Festival 2016 Official selection/Venice Film Week,Official Selection 2016/ Aviff Cannes Art Film Festival 2016 Official selection / and more

The earth tells us vital life message. After 10 years of precious process of filming, mixing, creating, this film “Ridden by Nature” has been released. I joinned in this film in collaboration with Kathi Von Koerber, filmed in far remote beautiful landscapes in Columbia Glacier in Alaska; Red Rocks in Moab, Utah; and the volcanic coastline of MacKenzie State Recreation Area in Hawaii.

Directed by Kathi Von Koerber
Butoh: Atsushi Takenouchi, Kathi Von Koerber
music composed by: Richard Horowitz
cinematographers : James Ewen (Alaska & Hawaii), Danny Pendino (Utah)
sound: Hiroko Komiya
editor/post production: Matyas Kelemen
Film official site >>> http://riddenbynature.com/

“SANTA MUERTE”  (2016/Brodka, Poland) (4’31)>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79Flpb8IrHg
Cast: Atsushi Takenouchi, Monika Brodka
Concept & direction: Monika Brodka
Song “Santa Muerte” from album “Clashes” by Brodka
Director of Photography: Marek Kozakiewicz
Editor: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Produced by: Jarek Bolinski / Propeller Film
Project Manager: Olga Tuszewska / Kayax

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blog : http://jinen-butoh.blogspot.com/
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